5 Roof Issues That Could Spell Disaster

Modern roofs are impressive collections of engineering, construction, and even technology. The various materials that make up your roof are meant to do various things: protect your home from precipitation, extreme temperatures, and pests, to name a few. In order to ensure that you and your family are adequately protected, be sure to seek an inspection or repair if you notice any of these five warning signs:

Gutter Buildup

When excess debris, such as leaves, nuts, and other items, build up on your roof, they tend to slide into your gutter. You may think this is normal, but gutters are typically meant to prevent rain water and other precipitation from running down the side of your home. If the gutters become blocked, the water may run over your gutter and into a number of other places on and around your home. This could lead to staining, among other permanent problems.

Ice Dam

Your roof is intended to protect your home from snow and ice in cold conditions. However, this doesn't mean it is okay to have excess ice on your roof. When ice forms into a dam, it diverts the melted liquid underneath into the crevices of your roof. It can run behind the shingles and eventually seep into your interior. This weakens the integrity of the roof and puts you at risk for a cave-in.

Internal Water Leaks

A small water leak is never "just" a small water leak. It is a sign that a larger problem could be brewing. If any water seeps through your ceiling or walls from your roof, you could be sitting on a ticking time bomb. The water can eventually rot the insides of your roof and invite larger leaks into your house.

Insect Nests

Among the more prominent dangers to your roof are the various pests that can infiltrate the small spaces and make a nest. If you notice a nest, or if you see shavings of wood or other roofing materials, be alarmed. This could mean that your home is already infested with house-eating pests that can turn a mild annoyance into a huge and dangerous problem.

Strange Smells

If you are not able or willing to go onto your roof yourself, be sure to hire a professional to inspect it regularly. That way, any odd smells will be detected earlier rather than later. A strange odor could mean many things, such as rotting wood or dead rodents (which invite bacteria and other pests).

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